Who doesn’t love a doubles tournament?! When I was living in Columbia, SC from 2011-2015, I saw an opportunity to create a new event for mixed doubles teams. In 2014, I organized the first mixed doubles, called Ladies & Gents, in a matter of three weeks, and was elated that 15 teams showed up on such short notice! That first year, the teams played round one at Earlewood Park Disc Golf Course and round two at Owens Field Disc Golf Course. The teams played disc golf all day, people won prizes and trophies and lots of fun was had by all. In 2015, I decided to step up my game by obtaining PDGA sanctioning and finding a charity to benefit from any proceeds. This began the event’s partnership with the South Carolina Cancer Alliance.

Although I moved to the Nashville, TN area in 2015, I continued to run the event in Columbia, SC until 2019. Unfortunately, the event was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to challenges in running an event seven hours away from home and added limitations due to COVID, I decided to move the event to Tennessee in 2021. We are fortunate to hold the event at the private Oggwood Disc Golf Course in Cedar Hill, TN! Starting in 2021, we are also teaming up with a Tennessee-based, cancer-related non-profit organization, Sherry’s Hope.

In 2021, I changed the name from “Ladies & Gents” to “Grit & Grace” Mixed Doubles. The new name has no gender connotations – everyone can have grit AND grace! This new name has special, personal meaning to me.

Past results and money raised

*The first event in 2014 was not PDGA sanctioned and was not a charity event.

Money raised
2022: $4,423.37
2021: $4,366.96
2020: Canceled
2019: $5,424.00
2018: $3,000.00
2017: $2,317.96
2016: $2,666.39
2015: $1,923.06